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This design can be tattooed in three consecutive days and the perfect placement would be on a full upper back as the design would lay flat and only distort with the movements. Only once applied to the skin the design would really come to life as it will move and distort with your body.



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Black Symmetry

Lisbon, Portugal

Lewis, aka Black Symmetry has his own studio based in Lisbon and specialises in using Dotwork to create large scale geometric patterns. Lewis uses the body as a single canvas and works across its entire surface. He likes to make each part connect to one another and play with their distortion and movement. Overall, he finds it interesting to have a canvas that has an opinion and that he can interact with, learning a lot from each person he works with to create a beautiful experience.

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This all-inclusive price covers getting this design tattooed by this artist. There are no additional fees.

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Purchasing includes scheduling booking with the artist. Your appointment must take place no later than a year after purchasing.

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For those of you who know my work, I specialize in fully symmetrical geometric bodysuits that take between 40 to 50 full days of work to complete, and this span over several months or years. I have been missing the instant satisfaction I got from completing a piece in one single day. I therefore decided to create smaller exclusive designson this plateform for collectors who would like to wear my work without wanting to commit to a very large piece. Most pieces featured can be completed over 1 or 2 consecutive days of work. Keep in mind that the design will be looking a lot better once applied on the skin as it will move and distort with your body. Thank you for your interest and for your trust in getting this tattooed.

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Abstract, Blackwork, Dotwork, Geometric, Minimalist, Monochrome


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