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I love doing animals, especially with black and white photography references. I’m open to changing the animal as well. Leaves/ floral pieces can be added or replace some of the abstract “splatter” as well. Should be decently sized, done over a session and a half or two days.



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Cleo Pétra

Los Angeles, USA

Ethiopian/Swedish Tattooer, Creative Director & Contemporary artist based in Los Angeles, California. I occasionally also work out of New York, Stockholm, Miami, Texas and Stockholm. After 16+ years of tattooing and traveling across the globe doing it, I’ve been inspired by different cultures, symbolism, nature, history and people. I specialize in black & grey realism but enjoy adding an element of surrealism to it. My favorite way of working is to collaborate with each client to create a unique design.

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Should be decently sized for example, any part of leg, an arm, ribs, or back are appropriate spots. Will take a session and a half or two all together depending on size and placement.

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Tattoos purchased will be done out of Los Angeles. I’m also available in New York, Texas, and Miami a handful of times a year, if you have a flexible schedule that would work as well. Appointments are done via email with my assistant and must be redeemed within one year of purchase date. I am open and flexible to collaborating with the client to make changes to the design. I’m excited to be part of your tattoo journey!

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