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Egyptian Flowers

Bouquet of 3 Egyptian flowers adaptable to different placements. Possibility to tattoo it black and grey or colors



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Diamante Murru

Los Angeles, USA

Diamante, an Italian artist residing in Los Angeles, specializes in crafting grand ornamental designs. With her unique approach, she transforms the human body into a canvas, employing freehand drawings to create sprawling compositions that seamlessly integrate with the natural contours and movements of the individual. Each piece reflects a harmonious fusion of artistry and anatomy, embodying the intricate connection between human form and creative expression.

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This all-inclusive price covers getting this design tattooed by this artist. There are no additional fees.

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Purchasing includes scheduling booking with the artist. Your appointment must take place no later than 6 months after purchasing.

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Thank you for choosing me for your tattoo experience. I usually create my compositions during the day of the appointment, but here I'm uploading some ready designs. Here are some important details to ensure a smooth and enjoyable session: 1. Tattoo Session Experience: Our sessions are more than just about the design; they are immersive experiences. Come with the right mindset, prepared to engage in the energy sharing and physically challenging process of tattooing. 2. Design Adjustment: When booking a session for a specific design, minor adjustments may be made to better fit the design with the chosen body part. These adjustments are subject to the artist's approval. 3. Rescheduling and Cancellation Policy: If you need to reschedule your session, please inform us at least 20 days in advance to accommodate your request. In the event of a cancellation/reschedule without prior notice, a 30% deduction will be made from the total amount as a security deposit. The remaining balance will be due at the following session. I look forward to creating art together and providing you with an unforgettable tattoo experience. If you have any questions or need further assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out.

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Botanical, Floral, Illustrative, Ornamental




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