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Queen of Hearts

Glowing regal ruby heart surrounded by a gold frame



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Jenna Kerr

New York, USA

Jenna is a British born custom tattoo artist who currently works in New York. Most notable for igniting the Ornamental and Filigree Jeweled tattoo craze, Jenna began carving her tattoo career in early 2008. Experimenting with the fascination for Baroque and rococo styling, the introduction of Filigree and Jewels within her work became apparent two years later in 2010. The combination of expertly crafted gemstones and ornamental accents results in tattoos that appear to shine and sparkle. Jenna's ability to craft a combination of Gemstones, filigree with ornamental accents is testament to the industries admiration of both Jenna's innovative style and, technique.

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Scheduling notes

Design process explained; How do all of these details heal and hold up over time in Jenna’s work? Well, here’s the secret,... All of Jenna’s designs are highly intricate and, as such you will need a minimum of two sessions to complete your commissioned piece. The amount of time your piece will take depends on the placement area, intricacies of the design and also how well you sit. Therefore it is very difficult to predict the exact amount of time required, as every piece that Jenna creates is unique to each client. Each piece involves a lot of fine line work, which in turn will cause swelling. When the skin swells this has an impact on the ability to saturate colour pigment into the skin, especially on certain areas of the body that are sensitive or prone to swelling. In additional to this, during the healing process your body will naturally try to push out the pigment, this will be your body’s natural immune response to what it deems as a foreign object under the skin and no matter what healing methods we use to try to trick the body into accepting all the pigment you will inevitably still loose a little bit especially with tiny lines. These secondary sessions are a chance to refine these areas, think of it as a second layer in a painting, this ensures that the details in your new piece of art look crisp and sharp for many years to come. Jenna has been tattooing for over 16 years; therefore you can be sure that you are receiving a very high quality piece of art from an artist who has many years of experience in the industry. Sadly, No cover up or re-works of existing tattoos can be taken on unless the existing tattoo has been treated with laser to disperse the existing pigment prior. Jenna’s delicate style does not cover existing tattoos very well, therefore Jenna will not undertake any work that she knows will not achieve your expectations.

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Contemporary, Hyper Realism, Ornamental, Photorealism




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